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Energy Advisory Committee

Town of Yorktown New York Official Website

Paul Moskowitz, Co-Chair
Lorraine DeSisto
Stewart Glass
Ann Kutter
Scott Markman
Patty Peckham
Jerry Robock
Heike Schneider
Dennis Verboys
Robin Zahn

Vishnu Patel, Town Board Liason

The Yorktown Energy Advisory Committee is charged with drafting, recommending, and ultimately helping to implement a comprehensive energy plan for the Town of Yorktown. The goal of the Energy Advisory Committee is to help the Town promote energy efficiency, conservation, and independence; reduce the town's overall carbon emissions; and save taxpayers' money by decreasing energy costs. Additionally, the Energy Advisory Committee will help the Town accomplish the goals of the U.S. Mayor's Climate Protection Agreement by recommending smart energy solutions at the town level which will save money and promote a cleaner and safer future. The Energy Advisory Committee will actively reach out to the community and engage residents of Yorktown on energy related issues.

The Energy Advisory Committee may investigate and make policy recommendations to the Yorktown Town Board on topics such as:

  • How to conserve energy
  • How to maximize the Town's resources for optimum energy efficiency
  • Review and recommend policy and code enforcement
  • Research and propose the use of new energy and cost savings technologies
  • Examine alternative fuel options
  • Recommend any other action which may help to reduce carbon emissions in Yorktown.

Regular Meeting: Third Thursday of every month, 7:30 PM, Town Hall Conference Room
E-mail Contact: Paul Moskowitz at