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Office of the Comptroller

The Comptroller's Office is responsible for all financial affairs of the Town. This includes:

  1. Budget preparation and reporting.
  2. Auditing and authorizing payment of claims from all departments.
  3. Recording all revenues.
  4. All investments and borrowings.
  5. Setting tax rates for Town, County and School tax bills.
  6. All accounting functions of the Town.
  7. Working with state and local auditors.
  8. All aspects of payroll with appropriate reports.
  9. Handling employee benefit premium payments and claims for medical and dental reimbursements.
  10. Processing reports of job related accidents and reports requested by Worker's Compensation insurance.

The Comptroller's Office collaborates with the Bond Counsel on resolutions authorizing borrowings to assure all legal guidelines are observed and that the Town can receive a legal opinion on all borrowings. Without this, the banks will not bid on Town borrowings.