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Costco Accepted DEIS

The Costco DEIS was accepted as complete by the Planning Board on September 10, 2012

A Public Hearing on the Costco DEIS and Site Plan is scheduled for the Planning Board's October 15, 2012 at 7:30 pm meeting which will be held at the Yorktown Community & Cultural Center, Nutrition Center Room, 1974 Commerce Street, Yorktown Heights, NY 10598.

Purchase a digital copy of the DEIS & Site Plans from the Planning Department for $1.00.

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Download the Applicant's Presentation Slides
Volume 1: Cover Pages & Table of Contents
I. Executive Summary
II. Description of Proposed Action
III. Existing Conditions, Impact, Mitigation
  A. Land Use, Zoning and Public Policy


Visual Character: pages 1-3

Visual Character: pages 4-17

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  C. Soils, Topography, Slopes and Geology
  D. Hazardous Materials
  E. Flora and Fauna
  F. Wetlands, Groundwater and Surface Water Resources
  G. Stormwater Management
  H. Utilities
  I. Use and Conservation of Energy - Green Energy
  J. Solid Waste
  K. Traffic and Transportation
  L. Parking
  M. Air Quality
  N. Noise
  O. Building Demolition and Construction
  P. Community Facilities and Services
  Q. Fiscal and Socioeconomic Impacts
  R. Cultural, Historical and Archeological Resources
IV. Alternatives
V. Significant Impacts that Cannot Be Avoided
VI. Other SEQRA Required Chapters
VII. Appendices
  Volume 2: Cover Page & Table of Contents
  A. Application Documents
  B. Environmental Site Assessment Reports (ESA)
    Appendix B1
        • Soils Mechanics Phase I ESA  
        • (Includes: EcolScience Phase I ESA)  
    Appendix B2  
        • Soils Mechanics Phase II ESA  
        • EcolScience Phase II ESA  
        • Ecol Science Inc. Soil Sample Locations  
    Appendix B3
        • SAIC Report and
        • DEC No Further Action Letter for Former Texaco Station
    Appendix B4
        • EHASP/CAMP
    Appendix B5
        • Environmental Health Investigation (EHI) Asbestos & Lead Base Survey
    Appendix B6
        • EcolScience Letter to DEC
        • EcolScience Letter to DOH
  C. Natural Resources Including Flora, Fauna and Wetlands
        • Wetlands Delineation Report
        • Field Notes
        • Tree Survey Data
        • Related Correspondence
        • Wetland Water Budget Analysis
  D. Stormwater Management Plan
        • SWPPP Part 1
        • SWPPP Part 2
        • SWPPP Part 3
  Volume 3: Cover Page & Table of Contents
  E. Traffic Data and Analysis
        • Traffic Data Part 1
        • Traffic Data Part 2
  F. Air Quality Study
  G. Noise Study
  H. Light Study (Photometric Analysis)
  I. Cultural Resources Report
  J. SEQR Documentation
  K. Retail Market Analysis Commercial Character Assesment
  L. Correspondence
  M. Geotechnical Engineering Report
  N. Parking
1 C-1 Cover Sheet
2 C-11 Existing Conditions Plan
3 C-101 Site Plan
4 C-201 Grading Plan
5 C-202 Boring Plan
6 C-301 Utility Plan
7 C-302 Off-Site Sanitary Sewer (Old Crompond Road)
8 C-303 Off-Site Sanitary Sewer (Old Crompond Road)
9 C-304 Off-Site Sanitary Sewer Profile (Old Crompond Road)
10 C-305 Off-Site Sanitary Sewer Profile (Old Crompond Road)
11 C-401 Erosion Control Plan
12 C-501 As Of Right Lighting Plan - 16 ft Mounting Height
13 C-502 Preferred Lighting Plan - 25 ft Mounting Height
14 C-601 Site Line Sections
15 C-602 Site Line Sections
16 C-701 Pond Details
17 C-702 Details
18 C-703 Details
19 C-704 Details
20 C-705 Details
21 C-706 Retaining Wall Details
22 C-801 Highway Improvement Plan
23 WC-1 NYCDEP Watercourse Confirmation Map
24 LP-1 Site Landscaping Plan
25 CP-1 Conceptual Roadway Improvement Plan Initial Condition