Planning Board Meeting

Calendar Date:
Monday, January 11, 2010 - 7:30pm

363 Underhill Ave, Yorktown Heights, NY 10598

January 11, 2010
7:30 PM

1. Correspondence
2. Follow-up Correspondence
Liaison Reports
3. Minutes: December 14, 2009

Regular Session

4. Sarubbi
SBL: 17.18-1-11
Request for Reapproval
Location: 336 Homestead Road
Contact: Ralph G. Mastromonaco, PE, PC
Description: A 2 lot subdivision approved by Planning Board Resolution 06-06 dated October 16, 2006 and reapproved by Resolutions 08-12 dated June 9, 2008 and 08-23 dated December 8, 2008.

5. Aspen & Mill Street Subdivision
SBL: 16.5-1-13
Public Informational Hearing
Location: 3810 Mill Street
Contact: Site Design Consultants
Description: Proposed 3 lot subdivision where 1 multifamily and 1 single family existing residences will remain on one of the proposed lots.

6. Village Traditions
SBL: 15.16-1-32
Public Hearing
Location: 1821 East Main Street
Contact: Rayex Group
Description: Expand existing parking lot to improve traffic and accommodate additional parking for existing 2nd floor and barn.

Work Session

7. Bonsignore Wetland Permit
SBL: 16.7-1-37
Town Board Referral
Location: 738 East Main Street
Contact: Brian Bonsignore
Description: Construction of a 1,500 SF residence.

8. Mongero Properties, LLC
SBL: 37.14-1-44
Zoning Board of Appeals Referral
Location: Saw Mill River Road & Downing Drive
Contact: Al Capellini
Description: Approved 3,848 SF bank on 2.2 acres in the C-1 zone.

9. Old St. George's LLC
SBL: 15.12-2-53
Zoning Board of Appeals Referral
Location: 1715 East Main Street
Contact: Louis Spizzirro
Description: Site plan review for ZBA Application #60/09.



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