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Bulk Trash Collection

Bulk Trash Collection

BULK TRASH COLLECTION is provided to residential homes on a pre-scheduled basis; check the schedule below. Bulky items in your home such as furniture, mattresses, appliances, rugs, lamps, curtains & blinds, bicycles and bags of small items are examples of acceptable items; no commercial, construction, or demolition debris will be accepted.

Construction debris such as sheetrock, plaster, roof shingles, house siding, ceramic tile, toilet bowls, porcelain sinks, brick, stone, concrete, asphalt, liquid paints, loose wood, grass clippings, dirt, wood chips, mulch and kitchen refuse will not be collected. Household chemicals, hazardous garden products, pool chemicals and automotive fluids must be brought to Westchester County's "Household Material Recovery Facility" for proper disposal; refer to or call (914) 813-5425 to make an appointment.

Leaves and tied branches will be picked up with Bulk Trash. Leaves must be packed in paper biodegradable bags (available at the Refuse & Recycling Office). Branches must not exceed 4' in length, 5" in diameter and tied in bundles not exceeding 50 lbs. The Town does not collect grass clippings, stumps or logs.


  • All items to be removed MUST be placed at curbside no later than 6:00 am on Monday of the scheduled week.
  • Town Law prohibits items or materials which are intended for bulk trash collections from being placed at curbside for more than TWO (2) DAYS prior to the first day scheduled for each section pickup. Violators are liable to summons and fine under Town Code Sec. 201-6c(1).
  • The collection of bulk trash shall be limited to reasonable amounts, as determinded by the department in its sole discretion. The department reserves the right to reject excessive amounts and unacceptable items of bulk trash.
  • In order to keep recyclable items out of the waste stream, the following items are picked up in separate vehicles: car tires, car batteries, bulk metal, TV's, and E-Waste, clear bags with textiles, paper biodegradable leaf bags, and tied branches. To minimize the number of trips for Refuse & Recycling vehicles, those items should be placed separately along the curbside.
  • After pickup, residents must immediately remove any ineligble items, and are responsible for policing curbside area.


  • 32-gallon trash cans will only be removed when clearly marked "To Be Removed".
  • Paint cans must be empty or contain hardened paint; lids must be removed. To harden excess paint, stir in clean kitty litter.
  • Loose wood and/or branches must not exceed 5" in diameter and 4' in length, and must be tied with a cord in manageable bundles, max. 50 lbs.
  • Doors must be removed from refrigerators and freezers. No commercial appliances will be collected.
  • All small items must be contained in strong bags. Note: do not use cardboard cartons to hold small items since cardboard is recyclable: empty, flatten & tie your boxes and place at curbside for weekly recycling collection.
  • Rugs must be rolled and tied with a heavy cord.
  • Bulk Metal includes stoves, washing machines, dryers, diswashers, air conditoners, metal fencing and aluminum ladders. Metal peices must not exceed 4' in length; no cement in pipes.
  • Car tires must be removed from rims; maximum 16"; no truck or off-road tires will be collected.
  • The entire center valve on propane tanks MUST BE REMOVED to ensure that the tank is not under pressure.
  • Leaves must be in biodegradable paper bags. Grass clippings and logs will not be collected -- bring them to Yorktown's Organic Yard Waste Facility.
  • Large windows, glass and mirrors must be wrapped, contained or apply strips of masking tape to minimize breakage.
  • Wood from a deck, larger than 100 sq. feet, or railroad tie retaining walls will not be accepted.
  • Fuel oil tanks must be empty and have a 2'x2' opening on each side. Tanks of 350-550 gallon capacity must be cut in half; max. tank accepted is 550 gallons.
  • Household chemicals are NOT to be disposed of in the trash. Check for info on Westchester County's "Household Material Recovery Facility"; appointments are necessary.
  • E-WASTE (small electronic appliances) including computers and TVs, should be placed separately along the curb. Apply strips of masking tape on the glass screens since broken glass will not be cleaned up by Town workers OR bring your e-waste to the Refuse & Recycling site (behind the Police/Court) on E-Waste Disposal Days; check the Refuse & Recycling Calendar
  • Textiles. Pack textiles in clear plastic bags or bring bags of textiles to the Refuse & Recycling Department on "Textile Recovery Days; check the Refuse & Recycling Calendar.

The following items are limited per household pickup:

• Two (2) Refrigerators • Four (4) Tires
• Three (3) Air Conditioners • One (1) Lawnmower
• Three (3) Televisions • One (1) Snowblower




Please Note: If you do not know what "Section" your street is in, click on "Find My Section" below, or call the Refuse & Recycling Office (914) 245-4438.

When possible, Special Bulk Trash collections can be arranged for by calling the Refuse & Recycling Department at (914) 245-4438. There is a $40.00 charge (cash or a check) for this service and must be received before the scheduled date. Regulations are the same as for regular bulk trash collections.  Please make the $40 check payable to: Yorktown's Refuse & Recycling Dept.