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Costco Wholesale Club Site Plan Application SEQRA Page

Application to construct a 151,092 SF Costco Wholesale Club retail store and members only filling station located at the northwest corner of the intersection of Route 202 & the Taconic State Parkway.

Complete Costco DEIS & DEIS Site Plan Page>

Complete Revised FEIS & FEIS Site Plan Page>

Findings Statement adopted December 15, 2014>


Upcoming Dates:
Meeting Dates:
12/15/2014 The Planning Board discussed and adopted the Findings Statement.
12/08/2014 The Planning Board discussed the draft Findings Statement.
11/24/2014 The Planning Board discussed the draft Findings Statement.
Town Board Referral Gasoline Filling Station Special Permit
11/10/2014 The Planning Board discussed the draft Findings Statement.
10/21/2014 Revised FEIS filed.
10/06/2014 The Planning Board accepted the Revised FEIS as complete.
09/30/2014 The Planning Board discussed FEIS Sections III.H through the end of the FEIS at a special work session. 
09/22/2014 The Planning Board discussed FEIS Sections III.E - III.G. 
09/08/2014 The Planning Board discussed FEIS Section II and Sections III.A - III.D.
08/11/2014 The Planning Board discussed the FEIS Executive Summary and Site Plan sections.
07/14/2014 The applicant submitted the preliminary FEIS to the Planning Board. 
12/19/2012 Written comments on the DEIS were received by the Planning Board until December 19, 2012.
11/19/2012 Adjourned Public Hearing on DEIS was held and closed by the Planning Board
Download Hearing Transcript
10/29/2012 Adjourned Public Hearing was canceled due to Hurricane Sandy
10/15/2012 Public Hearing on DEIS and Site Plan
Download Applicant's Presentation Slides
Download Hearing Transcript
09/10/2012 DEIS Accepted as Complete
08/13/2012 Revised DEIS Submitted
07/16/2012 Relocation of Proposed Gas Fueling Station
01/23/2012 Discussion Completeness of DEIS
01/09/2012 Review DEIS
11/28/2011 Receive DEIS & Discussion Proposed Sewer District
11/14/2011 Town Board Referral Hunterbrook Sewer District #17 & #20
09/12/2011 Courtesy of the Floor
04/11/2011 Correspondence
12/13/2010 Final Scope Adopted
11/22/2010 Review Public Comments on Draft Scope
11/08/2010 Public Informational Hearing & Public Hearing on Draft DEIS Scope of Work
10/18/2010 Discussion Draft Scope
09/27/2010 Discussion Draft Scope & Site Plan
09/13/2010 Positive Declaration Adopted, Received Draft Scope
08/09/2010 Circulate Intent to Assume Lead Agency
07/12/2010 Discussion Site Plan
06/30/2010 Application Submitted